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『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加


Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.04.26 at 18:52
2009.04.25 @ 8:10pm

Today we've gone into rehearsal~
It's only a little bit but,
I think the tickets will already be sold out soon
If they are, we'll decide on a show in Osaka
Everyone give me your support!!

Right now the rain's really coming down outside the window
The air is cold, too

At the time when I sang THORNY RAIN BREAK,
Inside of the downpour, all alone in chaos of backstage
the image I gazed upon outside the window

Somehow today is overlapping that image

"My troubles are melting away to the sound of the rain
the silence is quite scattered about
at the threshold of the swaying world
Even though it's painful like this...
With my broken wings I looked to the pale sky"

Just like that.


glistenanddark at 2009-04-26 22:56 (UTC) (Link)
Aww, talking about THORNY RAIN BREAK, lovely. He's always so poetic.

I really wish I could go to see him live *A*
shiroi_nami at 2009-04-26 23:02 (UTC) (Link)
He has such a way with words; I spent forever trying to figure out how to make the THORNY RAIN BREAK explanation as poetic as he did and it still sounds so much prettier in Japanese. :/

Me too! ♥
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