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『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

privilege comment

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.10 at 16:32
2009.05.06 @ 7:25pm

If you purchase AWAKE from the online shop
We'll send a special privilege of my one-track commentary CD that I mentioned.

Now we're recording so the the commentar is so long that we haven't finished it yet.
I talk too much;;

So because of that we have to fix the recording
I talk with a salaryman (laughs)
Very cool (laughs)

That was a joke so
Please look forward to the CD

3 more days till the release of AWAKE
It'll be time for various things
Depending on a number of things getting lost
But it's been sold out ahead of time!

It's raning today.
Umbrellas are a hindrance.

All the more, it's lovely to get wet while walking.

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

This weekend is AWAKE's release

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.10 at 16:16
2009.05.05 @ 9:21pm

The other day we went into rehearsal early in the morning.
It was as if we were doing morning training for club activities.

It certainly felt like we were sweating;

Well now, this weekend is the release of the 1st Story "AWAKE" but,
in the online shop on the official site
we're in the middle of producing some special privileges for getting it there.

From here on please look forward to it!

Now then to answer a few questions

> Do you cook for yourself?

I was way too busy when I was in RENTRER and
I ate out almost every day but

Recently even though I've been too busy because I've been working a lot in my room, I cook for myself...actively.
I boil rice (laughs)

My specialty is...
...not fruit juice....

Although I do make cheeseburgers

Do you want to eat one?

> What's a movie you've seen recently?

This is of course...
there aren't any movies but...

Prison Break!!

I waited so impatiently so finally
I decided to rent the season final so,
I rented it on the morning of May 2nd
From a guitarist aquaintance of mine, 30 minutes from the opening of a a video shop, I was waiting on standby and was able to borrow it.
(Because in between then, when rehearsal time in the studio was over it definitely would have been all rented out)

This is interestering, very interesting
The progagonist is way too cool.

He's gradually becoming a monk...

It doesn't suit him so he should stop (laugh)

Takumi was also someone with a relaxed open attitude wasn't he...
I want to meet the Riento members....

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

GO! GO! Satsuki Day

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.10 at 15:35
2009.05.05 @ 5:05pm

With only one hour left until the 6:00 release of AWAKE,
The Jishuban Club manager has received it.
At the time, the CD and instore ticket will be delivered to everyone.

After that
On May 30th after 4:00,
we've decided upon an instore event.

Please look at the details here~

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加


Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.10 at 15:09
2009.05.04 @ 2:08pm

The 1st onmean is sold out so
I've decided upon and addtional performance for "Awakening to Moonlight" .

The 2nd onmean will be on stage in Osaka on the 19th of June!
Let's have a gekiatsu night!!

TN: ゲキアツ anyone?

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

Outside of the dream

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.10 at 14:48
2009.05.03 @ 1:15am

We're in rehearsal.

I had an interview again.
This time we talked about lucid dreams.

It'll be included in the Cure on 5/21 so
Look forward to it~

Today the weather was nice so
I woke up early and in that open time I cleaned my room.

The air outisde the dream feels so nice...
It would be lovely if I could take a nap on a day like this.

I long for a holiday where time flows slowly

I want to read in a stylish cafe (laughs)

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

"May 1st "

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.10 at 14:28
2009.05.01 @ 8:51pm

Suddenly it's May.
That was quick...

The legend of Return to Oneself has come to a close and
at the time when I when haven't made any plans for this year,
I stare at the vague and blank white paper of the calendar
五月 (May) = 皐月 (Satsuki) = さつき (Satsuki) = 砂月 (Satsuki)

That being said
As I'm able to have this May release and a live, I've set a goal
Going into this year I've been able to run through with all my might but
(of course before that I had a plan to announce something on Valentine's Day and White Day )
but now it's already May.

Day after day it's so busy that I've collapsed twice
(Recently that's also included acute gastroenteritis so actually several days after the Christmas Eve live, my fever continued at about 40℃ for a whole week and I almost died. (I mentioned this in my Plug personal interview))

Somehow I was just barely able to agree to a release but,
the lives still haven't been decided yet so,
because I can't agree to that for the moment,
I'll work on that more and more.

And then today I had an interview.
We talked a lot about "AWAKE" (laughs)
It'll be published in the Fool's Mate that goes on sale on 5/29 so,
listen to AWAKE on 5/9 and come into contact with that world.
Then if you were to read the interview and experience my true intentions,
I would be incredibly happy.
Look forward to it, hmm?
Because I put my soul into each and every word (laughs)

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加


Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.05.01 at 12:26
2009.04.30 @ 11:50pm

Today I went to see a play
I learned a lot
I got all the points that are able to pull you in

The representation is that of a profound inside
Still the journey's just begun

And I've come to this message room from the PC
You've already noticed (laugh)
My poster is....... hee hee

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

"My mental state is..."

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.04.30 at 23:53
2009.04.29 @ 1:00am

We've gone into rehearsal.
I threw it down.

Still a ways to go in constructing the world.

I bought a mixer recently and even though I've been making fruit juice,
I've gotten into it.
The secret of my Golden Days
The ingredients:
Strawberries + blueberries + yogurt + bananas + soy milk + pineapples to bring out the flavor
I definitely want everyone else to try it, too (laugh)

While thinking about this, I've come back from rehearsal

And now I'm writing here
I'm a little embarrassed

It's been that kind of night.

Good night
I'll be waiting within a dream today, too

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

"rendezvous within a dream"

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.04.27 at 14:48
2009.04.28 @ 1:37am

Today I had a business meeting.

It was hectic but with things taking shape piece by piece, I feel a sense of completion and am able to do my best at various things.

I get a lot of energy from the Myspace page and from the messages I receive from everyone everyday.
Thank you!

I'll do my best tomorrow, too~

Everyone look upon a lucid dream
Let's meet at a live within a dream (laugh)
For the time being, with the first song AWAKE!

Good night

『ギルガメッシュ』 2009.12.20 タワレコ参加

"My Space"

Posted by shiroi_nami on 2009.04.26 at 18:56
2009.04.27 @ 3:26am

The official Myspace has opened.
Definitely visit it, please.


I wish that everyone in the world can be touched by my music.

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